Monday, March 7, 2011

Chapter 31

Richie spent the last couple weeks since Em left replaying their fight ,  Dammit did the drugs mean more to him than , a woman who showed him more love than any girlfriend he had in the past.  Each night that passed , the lonelier he was .  He tried to drown his sorrows into booze , drugs and women but non of that , replaced the ache he had in his heart.

They were on break for a couple days and he had tossed around the idea of showing up at her house and dragging her back. Na that wouldn’t work , she was too stubborn and would just fight him every step of the way .  But if he did go and apologize , charm her and promise not to ever do drugs again.  Could he do it though?  Keep his promise ? . If he wanted her in his life , he is going to have to . What if she asks him to give up alcohol ? No way could he give it all up --

Before he could change his mind , he packed a bag , strolled over to Jon’s room and knocked on the door. He had to at least let him know  . Doc on the other hand , he didn’t give a rats ass about if he knew or not .

Jon opened the door and looked at Richie with surprise. “Uh.. hey...” He frowned at the bag slung over his shoulder. “Goin’ somewhere?”

“Yea man , Gonna go see if I can get Em to  come back “ Richie replied dejectedly  “I miss her and I fucked up -- so I’m gonna go and kiss some ass , maybe eat a lil ‘  crow too “

Jon raised an eyebrow but hid his smirk. Richie was gonna grovel? This was good. He had no idea what happened but it must have been bad for Richie to resort to groveling. The man never groveled, not over women. “yeah? alright well... good luck, I hope it works cause frankly I'm tired of your cranky moody ass, you ain't as irritating with her around.” he chuckled.

“Go ahead and laugh, I’ll remember that when you do something to piss off Gia “ Richie grinned “I will be back before the next show with or without her ? Tell Doc I’m in my room and don’t wanna be disturbed , I’m so not in the mood to deal with his shit right now “

“Will do. Go work your magic man.” Jon nodded. “I got your back.”

“Thanks man , I need it “ He grasped Jon’s shoulder “See you in a few days and enjoy your time alone too “ Richie winked then headed down the hallway , towards the elevator.


A few hours later , the cab pulled up in front of the gates of the Caden Estate. He pressed the button . “OK fuckhead whatcha gonna do if she don’t let you in , Didn’t think that far ahead did ya ? “ He muttered to himself.

Emmie frowned at the gate buzzer and made her way to the window. She glanced out seeing a cab sitting there and a tall dark haired....Richie!... what was he doing here?? Her heart melted for a moment just seeing him even from a distance but then she frowned even more when all the hurt and anger came crashing back. She pushed the talk button, “I’m sorry Emmie isn’t available right now, shes sitting in her trophy case shining nice and pretty and oh so QUIET!” she growled out.

Richie growled “ Em yes you are , you just answered the damned thing “ he let out a deep sigh  “ Please let me in ? If you don’t I will stand out here , giving out all details for the whole world to hear? “

Emmie smirked as she pushed the button to speak again. “THat might work with my mother but I couldn’t give a rats a--” Thunder rumbled loudly and her smirk grew into a grin as she peered through the curtain. “Hey that leather your wearing?”

“Yes , so please let me in before “ He jumped back as the crack of thunder rumbled and a flash a lightening lit up the sky.

“Before it rains?” She stalled opening the front door and watching him from the safety and dryness of the doorway as the rain didn’t merely begin, the heavens opened up and the water poured down in a deluge. Waiting just long enough to ensure he was thoroughly soaked, she felt at least a little vindicated. She reached around to the box and hit the gate open button. Then the talk button “I guess you can come in, don’t want you getting fried by lightening do we?” her tone said exactly the opposite. She hoped it struck him right up his hind end.

“Mother fuck! “ he grumbled dashing back into the cab which drove him right up to the door. He stepped out , reached in paid the cab driver “Keep the change “ he muttered , grabbing his bag and marched up to the front door . His eyes flaring with anger , but kept his mouth in check it would just send him right on his ass if he didn’t “ Good to see you again Em “ he bit out

“Is it?” she smirked as she eyed his soaked leather pants and clinging tank top. She backed out of the door and allowed him to enter. “So, what brings you here? run out of other things to keep you busy?” She nearly spat. Three weeks! Three weeks it takes him to come see if your even alright?

Richie thought for a moment , Because I can’t live without you is what he wanted to say but instead he said “ I was in the neighborhood , thought  I would drop by “ . He clinched is eyes What the fuck is that ? Smooth  move ex-lax . He sauntered inside the forye  , shaking off the excess water as he shucked off his leather jacket. “May I have a towel ? Please ? “

Emmie rolled her eyes. “I don’t know, I kinda think the drowned rat look suits you.”

Richie furrowed his eyebrow , Damn she wasn’t gonna make it easy , was she ?  “Please, I don’t think your mother will want me ruining her cherry wood floors? “

“hmph!” Emmie disappeared for a few moments then returned tossing a towel none too lightly in his direction.

He quickly caught the towel  then briskly rubbed his hair and dabbed the excess water of his shirt , shaking his head there was no hope for the demin that clung to his legs. Once he was a little less wet , he handed her back the towel.  “Em , I ‘ pausing to find the exact words to say to her . Just say your sorry you fuckhead . “Look I came to see you because I -- well I fucked up and I’m sorry “ Richie replied , his eyes darting to the floor while he waited for her response.

Emmie stood leaning on the kitchen counter-top and watched him silently. He was sorry? She watched as he stared intently at his shoes. “Richie...” She sighed. She didn’t know what to say. She’d thought long and hard about him, her--them. Maybe before a sorry would have been good enough but now? Not now. “look, maybe...maybe people are right. We’re just too different.. I--I can’t do what you do, live like that. Have to worry night and day if something you do or take is gonna--”She shook her head. “I just can’t.”

Richie felt his heart plummet to the pit of his stomach , She can’t forgive me I fucked up that bad, how can I get her to give me another chance ?  “Em, please I can and will give it up if you come back to me at least the drugs anyway . Can’t you just give me another chance ? “ Richie said practically begging -- never had he begged for anything in his life -- other than when he was a young boy but Em - He needed her , wanted her in his life and she was worth groveling for .

Emmie ran a hand through her hair in frustration. When she’d first come home she’d played this scene over and over in her head. He’d come for her, he’d apologize, he’s say he’d never touch the stuff again and they’d live happily ever after. But, that was all before. She knew now she couldn’t take a chance. It wasn’t just about her anymore. “’s just not that simple anymore.” She turned and padded over to a chair and slumped down in it with a heaving sigh. “God I wish it was.”

He silently followed her to the chair then crouched down , his gaze bore into hers.  “Yes it is that simple , just  come back with me  and I will do whatever you ask of me . “ He reached out for her hands taking them into his.

The touch of his hands on hers was just about her undoing. So gentle, his thumb swept back and forth against her skin. She wanted nothing more than to slip off the chair and into his embrace and forget the world. But, she didn’t. She closed her eyes, took a deep breath and said quickly, quietly, “Richie, I’m pregnant.”

Richie’s eyes widened in shock , he started to stand but his legs gave way and fell right on his ass. “Preg- nant “ he looked up at her searching her eyes , seeing the truth there , his whole body shook , he was stunned, He never thought that would come into play , he was always careful - Wasn’t he ?  Shit with being drunk and high - Who the fuck knows? You can’t even remember getting into bed some nights FUCK .

Emmie almost chuckled looking down at him sitting on his ass  in front of her chair. Thats exactly how I felt when I took the test. “Yeah, pregnant.” She said nervously. “Look, I know it’s not anything you expected to have to deal with and I’m ok with that, but you gotta understand Richie, no matter how much I...I --love you, it’s not just about me anymore ok?”

Richie nibbled on his bottom lip, She’s right its not about him or her anymore , Time to grow up Sambora  He exhaled a deep breath “ You’re right Em its not , So please come back and I promise things will be different . “ he gazed up at her “ Come back let me take care of you and our baby “ his eyes pleading with her. “ I can’t promise it won’t be easy but please give me a chance “

She fell silent. His words were so smooth, so soothing. She’d been worrying and worrying about what to do. How she was going to handle it all alone. How her family, especially her father would take the news. She’d given herself a pep talk every night on how she could do it on her own, how she didn’t need him for anything. She’d been lying to herself though. She was scared to death and honestly didn’t think she was ready for such a responsibility but she had no choice. She wanted to believe him, she wanted to believe he’d be there for her, for the baby. “Richie, you... you can’t even take care of yourself right now.” She sighed and reached a hand out to brush a lock of dark hair from his eyes. Eyes shadowed with not enough sleep, his face shadowed by at least 2 days worth of unshaven stubble. “Look at you...when’s the last time you slept? hmm? Ate? When’s the last time you had a drink? You still smell like bourbon you know.” She let a tear roll down her cheek as she bit her quivering bottom lip. How could she possibly believe him, trust him when he obviously came straight from the mayhem without even trying to hide the

Richie eyes filled with guilt Shit why couldn’t he have at least tried to look presentable . “I just had to see you , I thought I could go on without you .  Hell Em I was angry , very angry in fact . I never had anyone especially a girlfriend try and change me . I hated it , almost hated you for it cuz I didn’t think I had a problem . But when you left and I dove deeper into the darkness, drowning my sorrows in booze and “ he swallowed hard “ women . it would help me forget you but it didn’t . and before you ask I didn’t sleep with anyone else I tried though but-- “ he dropped his gaze to the floor once again.

Women?  He’d tried to....Emmie closed her eyes and willed the images of Richie smiling and flirting and paying attention to other girls from her mind. How hard did he try? How far did he go? Do you really wanna know Emmie? She thought hard before she spoke again. “But don’t you see, I don’t want you to change I just....You are still you, the drugs, the alcohol, that doesn’t make who you are, that isn’t who you are, that’s simply something you do. Why do you do it? It’s not you, I met YOU in the Bahama's and that wasn’t the Richie I met. I just... didn’t want you to, go to far and and end up.....dead.” she couldn't keep the worry and love out of her voice.

Why did he do it ?  Good Question  “I guess its just living in the fast lane - Hell I don’t know Em . you know sex drugs and rock and roll “ He chuckled  a little  “ OK I know that's lame but its the only explanation I have really “ he admitted reluctantly.

Emmie simply nodded. it was lame, very lame but even so she understood. Peer pressure and just going with the flow. Hell, she’d done the same before, in school, around her mother and her mothers friends. Just did what everyone expected you to do. “ I guess we’ve all done that before.”

Richie raised up on his heels , grasping her hands into his again . “ I know its not a good excuse in fact I don’t have any but if you come back with me . I will make things right “ He softly smiled “Not just me who misses you “

“I...I’ll” she frowned. was she really thinking about going back with him? Going back into the lions den? “I’ll think about it......when... when do you have to go back?”

“I have a few days before I have to go back . Doc doesn’t know I skipped out “ Richie grinned sheepishly

She groaned at his mention of doc. She really disliked the gruff, authoritative little man. “Good... you need a shower.. and some sleep and a good meal or 3.” She stood pulling him with her. “Come on.” She led him through the large house up the enormous stair case and to her room that was more like a suite. “ In there.... take your time, I’ll go make you something to eat ok?”

Richie smiled and with a nod took off into the bathroom  Maybe this was a good sign , she didn’t kick him back out . IF you don’t screw it up again Sambora . he berated himself while he quickly showered and changed into a tshirt and jeans then made his way back down to the kitchen “Smell better ? “ he asked hopefully

Emmie merely grunted his direction as she waved a potholder at the smoking stove. Of all the days to tell the staff to take a day off! How the heck was she supposed to cook him a decent meal when she couldn’t even manage to turn the stove on without burning the place down. “I don’t suppose you know how to cook?” she asked half heartedly.

“Yes, a matter fact I do “ His voice tinged with amusement “It’s one thing my ma made sure I did learn . “Richie started to rummage through the fridge , pulling out various items “Can you make a salad? “ he asked while he headed towards the cupboard , crouching down for a couple of pans  then strolled to the pantry for spaghetti sauce and noodles.

A few moments later, the spaghetti sauce simmering and pot of water set to boil.

Emmie shrugged and gathered the stuff for a salad. She could manage that much. She cut lettuce and chopped vegetables slowly and carefully as she watched Richie move comfortably around the large kitchen. She never would have guessed he could cook. It was a stark contrast to the party guy she’d come to see him as. He even hummed as he worked. She had to smile, he seemed so relaxed almost happy. The shadows gone from his eyes and he hadn’t even slept yet. He was a strange strange man.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Chapter 30

Emmie sighed as she climbed into her big garden tub. She slipped under the water and closed her eyes. Slicking her hair back as she came up. She relaxed back and let her mind wander. Two weeks, she’d been home for two weeks now and it took all her might not to pick up the phone and call him. But, why should she call him? He’s the one who told her she was nothing more than a pretty little bauble on his arm. Be seen not heard? If she wanted to stand around being someone little arm trophy looking shiny and pretty she could do that here! No she was NOT calling that big ole stubborn mule! Maybe if he wasn’t high all the time he’d see, she only did what she did cause she cared so damn much.

She'd thought she needed a break, all the fast pace and chaos of the road just wore her down. She’d told Gia, who was sad to say the least but other than that no one knew why she left. Not even her father who had watched her like a hawk since her return. Her mother, god her mother just wouldn't stop with the I told you so’s and sometimes Emmie just wanted to scream at her. At least her father kept silent about any doubts he had.

Richie sat staring out the window, vaguely recognizing the passing scenery. He hadn’t spoken much to anyone since she left . Several times these past two weeks he wanted to pick up the phone but quickly , resign-fully hung it back up . He was just too damned stubborn to admit he was wrong and that he missed the fuck out of her.

The day she left , he dove hard into drinking and partying but now it was barely touching his dull ache that now resided in his heart. He cast a glance over at Jon and Gia who were all cuddled up on the sofa across from him -- God did they have to always look so damned happy . He growled to himself. He was happy for him but damn if he wasn’t jealous . But it was his fault he didn’t have the same happiness, Wasn’t it ?  He thought for sure she would have called by now but not once did his hotel room phone rang other than Jon checking in on him or tell him they had to go do some business shit .  He let out a deep sad sigh  Call her damn’t that’s all you have to do , I can’t then I would be wrong .  Shaking his head he turned his attention back to the scenery while his mind fought a waging battle within.

Emmie padded through the kitchen, her fluffy pink robe wrapped securely around her. She glanced curiously at the luggage sitting in the foyer. Her father came barreling down the hall, another suitcase trailing behind him. She shook her head and chuckled. The man was always on the go. Just like..... She growled and shook the thought of HIM from her mind.

“Going somewhere dad?”

Daniel glanced up from packing , a sad smile spread across his face. He had been so worried about his daughter , since she had returned home , she was so distant, though she tried to hide it but he knew her too well. He had no idea what had happened on the road but it couldn’t have been good.   “Hi sweetheart ! Yes your mom wants to go to San Diego for the week. or two . She says we don’t have enough time alone . Are you going to be okay by yourself “

Emmie didn’t even bother to hide her smirk “Not enough alone time huh?” She chuckled and then closed her eyes with a  groan. The though of her rigid mother wanting alone time with her father was enough to make her want to laugh out loud then cringe. Now that she knew all about what that meant the thought just made her skin crawl. She giggled. She supposed she shouldn’t be surprise though, after all they’d managed to bring her into the world hadn’t they. “Yeah, yeah dad I’ll be fine you just go... have a ... good time.” she snorted in laughter.

“It’s not that funny “ Daniel chided as a smirk fell over his face .  “Look honey, Maybe you can call that man of yours and you two can work it out? “  Did I just suggest that ?  Daniel thought to himself  but actually he would anything for his daughter to be happy .

Emmie felt her spine stiffen. “Look, dad it’s....” She sighed. How could she even explain. She couldn’t. Maybe before they could have worked it out but now, not now. If she only had herself to worry about she may have been able to over look his--extra curricular activities as he liked to call them. But now, no. There was more at stake now than just him and her and it was her responsibilty to make sure everything was safe, secure. She shook her head. “I don’t... see that happening now dad ok?”

Daniel crossed the room , pulling her into a deep embrace  “Not if either of you don’t try it won’t . What could be this bad you rather be miserable without him than happy with him ? “ He asked , while stroking her hair lovingly

She pulled away and rolled her eyes. “Where do i start?” she half laughed. “Look, he’s not....”she groaned. She looked away, her father was going to kill her she just knew it. “Let’s just say he and I are not in the same... place in our lives and well, I...I have a situation that I have to deal with and I refuse to deal with it with him like he is ok?” She shook her head. “And he isn’t gonna change, he doesn’t want to and it’s rude of me to ask him to so... just.. I don’t need him.” she said, trying to convince herself as much as her father.

Daniel debated a moment then decided for now he would let the matter drop “ Ok sweetheart , but when your mom and I get back we are going to discuss this further “ He dropped a kiss on her head ,then released her. He walked back to the suitcase, closing it shut “ I better get going or your mother might change her mind  “ he winked.

“Right” She gave a shaky laugh. “Right you get going love you both.” she paused. “Look dad, don’t... don’t tell mom anything about... well anything ok? “ Not that she had given up any secrets just them but still, he Mother never was as non judgemental as her father and she just didn’t need the added stress.

He paused at the doorway and smiled “You think I want to ruin this vacation , No baby your secret whatever it is - is safe with me . Now if you need us  well me call the resort , We will be in Suite 500 “

Emmie nodded “I’ll be fine now go.” She chuckled as she watched him struggle out the door with his luggage. Once he disappeared into the waiting Lincoln town car she sighed and walked to the couch. Sitting down hard she pulled the little white stick from her robe pocket. Staring at the two glaringly bright pink lines she let her head fall back and sighed. What the hell do I do now?

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Chapter 29

Gia and Jon traipsed into the hotel, all giddy like a couple coming back from their honeymoon, the two days they had completely alone did wonders for their moods and relationship. True there had been no sex per doctors orders , but that believe it or not was okay for the both of them . For the two walking hormones it was definitely a turn in their relationship.  The snuggling all cozy like , watching movies til the wee hours of the morning was exactly what they both needed.  But the seclusion had to come to an end and neither of them were aware of the hell that had broken loose while they were gone.

They made their way back up to their room ,  Gia all cozy in the crook of  Jon’s arm waiting for him to unlock the door.  When Alec opened the door  “Psst Jon , beware pissed off manager on the prowl “ just as quickly as he opened the door  it shut .

Jon smirked and snorted then laughed “Like that’s something new?” He opened the door and ushered Gia in. He didn’t care how pissed Doc was, the last two days had been wonderful. He felt refreshed, rested, clear headed and ready to tackle the world! He dropped a kiss on Gia’s head before flopping on the bed and rummaging thru his itinerary. Once he knew where he had to be when he sat it aside and sighed happily. “Well, back to the old grind eh?” he grinned

Gia smiled her happiness radiated through the room , as she quickly slid up next to him on the bed “ Yea , back to reality “ she frowned “You’re not concerned about why Doc is so pissed ? “ her hand slowly unbuttoning his shirt , then placed it over his heart . “Wonder what happened while we were gone ? “

Jon didn’t get a chance to answer when there was a loud pounding of the door, “Jon I know you’re back  , Bozzett said he saw you get on the elevator . Open the damned door now ! “

“Keep your pant’s on man, I’m comin’” He rolled his eyes and rolled off the bed. “Here we go.” He put a finger to his lips telling Gia to keep quiet before he opened the door. “What?”

“We need to talk and NOW! “ Doc pushed his door “Alone ! ‘ he gazed around the room , figuring Gia was in the bedroom “ Surprised to see your new --  isn’t attached at your hip like usual “ he grumbled.

Jon rolled his eyes. “Gia babe, Think you can run down to that corner store and grab us some strawberries and whip cream for later hmm? Daddy Doc wants to have a talk with Jonny, alone.” his sarcastic tone totally evident. He honestly thought anything Doc had to say could be said in front of both of them, but he knew how shitty Doc could be when he was mad and he wanted to save Gia the stress of it.

Gia had peeked her head out from the bedroom , feeling Doc’s anger and as much as she wanted to tell this overbearing asshole what she thought of him, watching from the background gave her an opportunity to see just how hard he pushed these guys , and it pissed her off. there were times where they were just so tired and Jon could barely speak some nights .But she didn’t want to interfere with Jon’s business , so she bit back the retort that threatened to bubble out of her mouth “ Sure baby anything else you want while I’m out “

“Nah that’s all honey.”

“Ok baby be back in a bit ‘ Gia leaned up kissing him nice and slow before sliding Doc a short glance “ Good to see you again Doc “ and walked out the door.

“Ok Doc,” Jon said as he plopped into the lounge chair and slouched, “Let me have it.” He said, his tone resigned to the confrontation he knew he couldn’t avoid.

Doc impatiently waited for the girl to leave, shaking his head she really was trouble though at least she was more mindful of her mouth around him “ What the fuck were you thinking takin’ off and not telling me . What if something dire happened that needed your attention , and I have no fuckin’ way to get a hold of you . ‘ He paused trying to reign in his explosive temper “ I told you the moment these girls started to interfere with your professional career they needed to go.  And before you say anything , you got her pregnant you see where that would have led thank god she had a miscarriage. “

Jons eyes narrowed. “You know you ARE just my manager, I employ you, you know that right?” he said calmly

“Yes, one that got you where you are today, are you really gonna let this -- girl to interfere with that ? “ Doc huffed

“If you don’t start showing a little more respect for her and my feelings, you WILL find yourself out on your ass.” he stated, his voice still a calm facade. His flashing eyes the only indication of his true feelings. “Now, with that said Mr. McGhee, I can take off on time off if I want, I don’t have to answer to you or anyone, you are paid to handle any emergency situations that pop up, if you think you can;t handle it without me then maybe this job isn’t right for you anymore.”

“You honestly rather chose her over all this you have now ? Is that what your saying ? All the hard work we have done to make you the hottest name out there and this is how you repay me . IF you settle down , your career will go in the tank , Richie’s flushing his with the bi- the girl and drugs and you are so far up this girls ass , you hardly flirt anymore after the show , you need to do that  can’t you understand in that thick fuckin’ stubborn head of yours “

“You didn’t make me, I made me and I haven’t chosen her over anything smart ass I’ve simply chosen to have both, call me greedy but I want it all, and I will have it all. With or without you.” He spat, his natural cockiness shining through. “You have to a make a choice, right now. It;s my way or the highway. So what’s it gonna be.” He said firmly

Doc gritted his teeth , why did he continue dealing with these cocky imbeciles anyway ? The money is the only reason he stayed  ‘FIne , but when that girl breaks your heart , because she can’t handle the groupies and all that . Don’t let me tell you I told you so  “ he shook his head as he headed to the door, which opened he brushed passed Gia roughly “Stupid cocky rockstars “ he muttered.

GIa watched him leave wanting to call him every name in the book but held back “ Well I see that went well “ , she closed the door behind her , setting the paper bag onto the coffee table.

“Yeah well, it’s one thing to help me manage a business, it’s another for him to think he has a right to tell me how to live my life. I just told him he’s plays by my rules or he hits the road.” Jon shrugged as he dug through the contents she’d gotten from the store. then planted a kiss directly on her lips. “I think he sees it my way now.” he said haughtily.

She snaked her arms around his waist and with a smirk “ Bet that went over like a lead balloon , I know its not my place to say anything about him but -- “ She paused to gaze into his eyes ‘I don’t like how he pushes you so much , baby your voice some days is so scratchy and raw . I worry about you . “

“Baby, I’m fine, really. Don’t you worry your pretty little head about me ok? I do this cause I love it, long hours, constant chaos, sore throat and all I still love it.”

‘I love you so that  comes with worrying , so you have to deal with me always gonna worry about you ‘ She leaned up giving him a few sweet pecks on the lips.

Jon pulled her close tightening his grip and buried his face in her hair. Doc could shove his ideals straight up his short squat little ass. He wasn’t givin up his Gia for nothin. “I know baby, I know.” he kissed her tenderly. “Just stick with me babe and we’ll rule the world! Even if SOME people don’t think so.” He winked.

‘Its gonna take alot more than a small undersexed fat jerk to make me go away “ Gia chuckled , neither of them actually knowing just how far Doc would go to keep his money train  on track .

Chapter 28

Doc roamed the halls seething. Richie hadn’t answered his door after all the noise earlier and Jon was no where to be found. What the hell was going on? Things had been going so well until just recently. It was those two women, girls, whatever! He knocked on Davids door and got no response. Fuck where was Jon, where the hell was Richie, he had to talk to him, to them. Those girls had to go. The boys needed to concentrate on work not pussy. Ok well, they could concentrate on pussy but not just one, it just wouldn’t work, not right now. They needed to be available, accessible not off the market.

Making his way to Alec's door her knocked loudly “Al, Al hello?! Answer the fuckin door man, is Rich in there? Jon? Come on I know your in there.”

Alec stumbled to the door , rubbing his eyes ‘Yea, Yea I’m  comin’ “ he opened the door. “Whatcha on a rampage about ? “

“Have you seen Jon?” Doc looked around the smoky room, looked at Alec’s bloodshot eyes. His gaze slid over to the bed where Richie say grinning like fool. “Are you guys high again?” he huffed.

“Whatta you think? “ Alec answered , as he nearly tumbled over making his way back to a chair , and plopped down . “ Na haven’t seen Jon, he said something about some alone time and not at this hotel -- so I dunno “ he shrugged his shoulders.

Doc rolled his eyes “Seriously? What the fuck? He can’t just take off!” He shut the door and waved his hand in the air in an effort to clear the smoke. “I thought I told you guys to keep this shit on the down low? Man, you can’t be smoking the room up like it’s a fuckin’ hookah bar.” He shook his head “Rich What the fuck was up earlier? I heard you and the Barbie snob all the way down in my room, if that’s how it’s gonna be she’s gotta go. What the fuck is her damage anyway?”

Richie gazed up at Doc , if he wasn’t feeling so damned good he would slug the asshole for speaking about Em like that  “It was nothing just an argument is all .  She ain’t goin’ nowhere “ He paused  He didn’t think anyway , they had a nasty fight and he said some fucked up things but she had no right to dump his stash .

“Sounded like more than just an argument to me.” He almost growled. “I thought you two were killin’ each other. That girl is fuckin’ with  your head man, you need to get rid of her. You and Jon both. This is ridiculous!!”

“Look man , just cuz you think we should be fuckin’ everything under the sun , don’t mean we have to . The girls are still gonna come to the shows ,and buy the albums whether we are single, married , widowed or divorced . “

“Unbelievable!” Doc shook his head in exasperation. “I wish you could see what I see man, ever since you met that little--”he stopped himself he knew he should bite his tongue on what he really wanted to call the girl. “Girl, you’ve had your head so far up her ass..” He sighed “Jon too, you guys really need to focus! And this shit ain't helping.” He motioned to the assorted drugs lying around the table. Sure, he didn’t see anything wrong with a little pick me up here and there, even experimenting, it was rock and roll after all. But, he knew full well how impossible it was to manage addicts and lately a few of the guys had been pushing towards that title, and fast.

“Hey, we keep it to a  minimum if at all during show nights but we have two days off so what the fuck ? I hadn’t planned on it tonight just-- “ Richie paused he didn’t want to mention the fight Em and he had is what drew him to it tonight.  “Don’t think Jon is gonna be too happy with you talkin’ about his girl and all like you do. These girls haven’t done anything wrong ,except make our lives better . “ And he just might have fucked it up  but damn why did she have to do that for ? Why couldn’t she understand , he doesn’t do it all the time .

Doc smirked, “I ain’t said a damn thing about Gia besides the fact that she’s a distraction Jon does need right now, she’s a nice enough girl really and that's the problem. He needs to focus on his career right now not a nice girl with nice morals, it’s just a bad fit and bad timing. You on the other hand...” once again he broke off his words. A Senator’s daughter? And a young one at that? Spoiled little princess with a haughty attitude. From what he’d seen, he was surprised Jon’s little Gia and the princess even got along, they were so different. “Look,” He tried another approach. “Maybe if the girls just went home for awhile, I ain't saying dump em but really you and Jon haven’t been  yourselves lately.”

“There is no way Jon is gonna send her home, not after -- well- we love these girls and they ain’t goin’ anywhere , so what if Emmie is a Senator’s daughter , He had no problem with us . You’re lucky I’m high right now , the shit you’re saying right now, dare you to even say it to Jon . You might get a fist in her face or worse he might take off and get married just to spite you “ RIchie chuckled at Doc’s exasperated look.  “But you’re gonna aren’t you ? You’re all about the dollars and cents lately who the fuck cares if we’re actually happy ? “

With a groan Doc turned on his heel, “How the fuck did I get stuck with five of the most stubborn nonsensical fuckers around?” unbelievable! He stormed out of the room. Just wait til Jon gets back, I have a few words for Mr high and mighty!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Chapter 27

Richie stepped into the bathroom for a quick shower to wash the sweat and grub the show had left on him, he told em he be right out , shimming out of his jeans , they pooled on the floor , along with his shirt,  Shit my stash ,better get it out before Em finds it .  He bent over , picked up his jeans digging for the small bag,  “Where the fuck ? “ he practically shouted “I know I put in this pocket , now where the fuck is it ? “ panicking he searched through all the other pockets , even his shirt.  “FUCK!! “ he shouted then yanked the door open and quickly passed a dumbfounded Em , not even shooting her a passing glance , picked up the phone and dialed Alec.

“Hey man , you know earlier when we talked ? “

“Hey bro what’s up , Yea I do what’s goin’ on “

“It’s missing can’t find it anywhere ? “ Richie rambled

“What you mean you can’t find it I saw you stick it in your right pocket. I have no more til I can get a hold of Brian “ Alec replied

“I can’t believe its fuckin’ gone , I didn’t do anything other than -- “ He paused turning slowly as he recalled Em’s sudden urge to play kissy face then her rush to the restroom “Look Al gotta run I got something to take care of “ Richie hung up then faced Em

“Did you do what I think you did ? “ His voice dark filled with anger

Emmie stood near the dresser, watching Richie's every move since he’d come rushing out of the bathroom. Oh he was angry, she almost cringed but kept her face a cool mask of innocence. “I’m sorry? What do you think I did Richie?”

RIchie tried to remain calm , as he slowly walked over to her “ Did you reach in my pocket and take something out of it ? “

She gave a light hearted little laugh as she quickly changed into her comfortable sweat shirt and pulled her hair back at the nape of her neck. “Why would I do that Richie? Did ya get me a surprise or something?” Just play dumb Emmie, Just play dumb and he’ll never know. She silently prayed. She knew he’d be upset it was gone but she didn’t think he’d be this upset! His eyes were dark pools and getting darker by the minute. She paused and pretended to look at him as if seeing for the first time how upset he was. “Is something wrong? What’s wrong Richie?”

“Em , don’t lie to me ! IT had to be you , I know how you felt about me having my pick me up . so it could only be you ? What did you do with it ? “ Richie’s spoke calmly but the tone was anything but calm.

Emmies eyes narrowed. He had the nerve to tell HER not to lie? Her foot started tapping a fast cadence while she willed herself to think before she spoke. “So, who is lying to who then?”

“Don’t change the subject, but to answer your question yes I did , I see nothing with a pick me up for fucks sake ! I tried to do it for you but this life is fucking hard so I use it now and again so the fuck what !! Who are you to come in and try and change me ? “ Richie shouted

Her shoulders slumped and she sighed. She knew he couldn’t see what it did to him, he thought he was just fine. But, she could see how different he was with it. The mood swings, the constant go , go , go then the sudden crash. Hell that's how she became suspicious that he was using again! The last time he’d crashed he’d scared her near to death. He wouldn’t wake up. She’d been just about to run down the hall to get Jon he had her that scared. But then he’d come out of it. “I don’t know... I don’t know Richie who am I, why don’t you tell me!” she said a bit harsher than she intended.

RIchie shook his head “ Fuck if I know , you come in my life , try and change me . I didn’t expect that from you but then I should have known . A snooty girl from the Rodeo Drive . Next thing you know I’ll be not doin’ what I love and shuffling paperwork for the Senator  “ He spat each word with such a venomous tone.

Emmie huffed. As if she’d ever ask him to do such a thing! “You know what you big spoiled jersey brat, Fuck you!” She felt her anger rising. Her profanity shocked her but she couldn’t hold it any longer. “Fuck you and your God Damn drugs! I’m sorry if I CARED enough to try to keep you from KILLING yourself, it’s obvious to me that you don’t give a damn so why should I?!?!” She crossed her arms defiantly in front of her and prayed the tears threatening would just stay back.

Richie glared , stormed over to his bag , shimmied into his jeans , snatched a shirt and slid it on “ You knew comin’ here what life was like I warned you . YOU  said you could handle it ! Did you lie then too ?? I Knew you were too young -- why couldn’t you just leave things the fuck be ! You know be seen and not heard “ He growled as he slid into his shoes , grabbed his key .  “Fuck you too babe ! “

He stormed to the door , whipped it open so hard it , Em could swear it was gonna come off its hinges then slammed it just as hard “Doc for once may have been right “ He yelled as he made his way down the hall and to the elevator.

Emmie stared after him, the slam of the door resounded in her head. Her mouth hung open. Did he really just SAY that? Seen and not heard? What the hell was that? too young? She was too young? He was the one acting like an insolent teen with anger management issues! She frowned then bent down to pick up her high heel and slammed it at the closed door. “Bite me Sambora!” she growled to no one but the empty room. She walked over to the door and threw the slider lock into place. Just try to come back in here tonight babe, just try I dare ya.

With the drama over she let her anger fade and the tears fell softly, silently. She made her way to the big empty bed and slid under the covers. It was a long time before sleep finally found her.

Richie sat at the bar, waving the bartender over for another round, of the burning auburn liquid sustenance that was totally numbing his mind to the fact , Em and He had just had a major blowout , Damn her anyway , why the fuck she try to change him ? Was he that bad now ? Questions swirled around his head , as he quickly downed another glass. No girl in his life complained before about his extracurricular activities . IF he didn’t love the girl so much , he would have told her to leave but needless to say he did .

After a few more glasses , he threw some cash on the bar , unsteadily made his way back upstairs, knowing he probably be better to crash somewhere else  he walked on the elevator. where could he crash , Jon wasn’t in -- he was the only one to know , he was skipping out for those two days--so he was off the list . Alec thats where .

Once off the elevator , he drunkenly stumbled to Alec’s door and knocked . He may not have his pick me up but he’s liable to have something to numb the pain and anger he was feeling right now..

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Chapter 26

Emmie sat in the dressing room silently watching everyone.  Gia sat off in a corner reading a book with her feet up. She’d really been taking it easy the last few days. She breathed a sigh of relief. Her miscarriage had come as such a shock! She was so glad she was ok and she was very glad that Jon was being so attentive and going out of his way to make sure she rested good. She glanced at Jon who was diligently writing out the nights set lists. Every once in a while his gaze would slide over to rest on Gia and he would smile. It seemed Gia’s short stint in the hospital had brought her and Jon even closer. It was sweet. Sad but sweet.

He eyes flitted over to Richie who was deep in conversation with Alec and Tico. She felt her heart tighten up. Ever since the day she’d taken what she thought were simple caffeine pills she’d been wary, uneasy. Richie had apologized over and over and promised to lay off the drugs and while he seemed to at first Emmie had a sneakin suspicion that he was using again. How else could he always be so..... up? None of them got much sleep, not with the schedule they had to keep but Richie just never stopped! Always go go go and all Emmie could do was try her best to keep up.  She wondered if the other guys dabbled with substance. She didn’t think Jon would, he was too serious and clear headed all the time the others, she wasn’t so sure it wasn’t like she was best of friends with them. They mostly smiled at her and went about their business but didn’t really bother to talk to her much. She watched as Alec handed Richie a small plastic bag and Richie quickly shoved  it in his jeans pocket. She sighed, she wanted to go over there and yell at him! She wanted to hit him! but she did nothing but rub her forehead and take a long deep drink of her wine cooler.

Richie had tried to keep his promise to Em but it was hard , these late nights and early mornings was just too much , Jon needed him at his full attention so there for he needed these . Doc said there really wasn’t anything wrong with a pick me up and he had to agree . Though he did promise Em.  What she won’t know won’t hurt her he thought to himself as he made his way over to her . He really needed to be on his game , after the meeting the other day where Doc went on a rampage , mostly due to Jon’s almost situation , he growled at all of them , none of them can afford to fuck up not at this stage in the game.

He cast a glance at Jon who went round with Doc , telling him his personal life had nothing to do with his life on stage but Doc begged to defer saying the girls were already changing them. The boys needed to flirt and flaunt to keep the girls in the audience happy and now they weren’t doing that .  He wanted to send the girls home but Jon nearly screamed the word no to him then stormed out of the room . Richie chuckled to himself never in his life had he seen Jon ever not listen to what Doc the magnificent said or ordered as it seemed as of lately.

Shaking off those annoying thoughts of the meeting from hell , he snuck up to Em and slid his arms around her “ Heya baby “ and nuzzled her neck.

“hey” she said softly closing her eyes she leaned back against him. God I wish he didn’t make me feel so good with just a sigle word! Maybe then I would have the guts to really give him a peice of my mind! She turned her head and kissed his cheek, the wheels of her mind turning over and over about what to do with him.

“Is something wrong ? “ He asked his voice tinged with a bit of concern and worry. She was quiet too quiet.

Emmie shook her head then turned to face him,”Hey Richie.. I... I thought maybe after the show you and me we could ya know, cut out... go back to the room and relax.” She stretched up to plant a soft kiss on his lips.

Richie arched an eyebrow “Sure baby , I thought you wanted to go with Jon and Gia to dinner afterwards ? What made you change your mind ? Too tired ? “ he asked while his hands ran smoothly and gently down her arms.

“yeah, yeah I am tired and besides... I miss you.” She sidled herself closer to him pressing up against him, her hands slipped down to his belt loops and playfully pulled him even closer. She nuzzled his neck for effect hoping to distract him from her intent.

Richie growled his hands sliding down to her behind , cupping it “I have missed you too, I’m so sorry baby it just get so crazy sometimes , if you have felt neglected I’m so sorry “

She let one hand flirt playfully on the waist band of his jeans, her fingers slyly tickling the skin there. She pulled his head down and kissed him passionately. Her other hand swiftly and undetected slipped into the pocket she’d seen the little plastic bag go into. She fished it out and palmed it then broke the kiss. “It’s ok, I  understand, really I do but.... can we please just skip out tonight?”

‘Sure baby , right after I shower we can skip out “ RIchie smiled “Just have to let Jon and Gia know they ain’t waiting on us “ he said his mouth mere inches away from hers .

“mmmm kay.... thank you.” She kissed him once again then broke away. “‘Scuse me a minute sweetie, darn wine cooler going right through me.  Got hit the lil ladies room.” She winked as she walked away tossing a smile over her shoulder.  She breathed a sigh of relief once in the bathroom and hurried flushed the baggy of white powder down the commode. Hopefully he wouldn’t notice it was gone right away. She knew it was low, going about it the way she had but what else was she to do? That stuff was no fluffy carnival game it was serious and dangerous and she just couldn’t allow him to play Russian roulette like that, she couldn’t!

Making sure she took enough time to make it look good she washed her hands before slowly returning back to the dressing room.

Richie watched her leave, never the wiser , that she just lifted his stash off his body .He sauntered over to Jon , glancing over his shoulder “Hey bro how’s it comin ? “ he asked .

“Just about done man.” Jon glanced up the handed a long sheet of marked paper up to him. “There, I think that should do it.”

He nodded as he took a look at the setlist ‘Looks good crowd should love this . “ He gazed over to Gia  “Look , I know Gia had asked us to join you two for dinner , we’re gonna have to pass man . Em wants some alone time . “

Jon raised an eyebrow, “Really? well, I can understand that man, lately you been running just as much, if not more than me, some alone time might do ya some good, specially with the double off days the next two days. You and the little lady just rest up huh?”

“Yea , can really use it , so could you ? You been none stop since Gia’s release .” He paused for moment debating whether to bring up the very touchy subject , he hadn’t spoken much if at all but he could tell when there was something eating at him  ‘How’s things with you and Gia ? Since well -- “

Jon smiled a soft smile “Good actually, thanks for asking. The shock is wearing off and well, it’s gonna be ok now. She’s gonna be just fine man she really is. And as for us, don’t you worry we have scheduled two full days of lazy movie watchin and eating anything we can order from room service... it;s gonna be great!” Jon grinned. He really was looking forward to time alone with Gia after the shock and hectic schedule of the last week.

Richie smiled it was really good to se his brother so happy and content for the first time in a awfully long time .He clasped his shoulder  “Good , you deserve it man , “ IF it been any girl before Gia 6 weeks of no sex would have driven the man insane but the man that sat before him was like himself content in just watching movies and chilling out for two days . He then chuckled “Who would have thought ? just a few short weeks , we're happy with a good movie , snuggling in bed with our  girls .No wonder Doc is having a fit “

Jon chuckled then winked “Well I wont tell if  you wont tell, no one needs to know right?” he joked “Our reps are still safe.”

He laughed “I’m certainly not saying a word , hell  if the word got out the King is retired so to speak “ shaking his head, then noticed Em was back “ Better get back to my lady “

Jon threw back his head and laughed as Richie scampered back to Emmie’s side. Yeah things had sure changed, but it was good, it was all good. He smiled contentedly before bending his head to go over the list one last time.

Richie joined Em , “Heya baby is all cool with Jon and Gia they’re got 2 days of holding up in the hotel planned for them . What would you like to do on our two days off ? “ He asked snaking his arms around her pulling her close to him.

She hugged him tightly “I don’t care what we do, as long as it’s just me and you.” she said honestly. Her spirits lifting now that the dreaded substance was gone.

He dipped his head down to kiss her ‘ Sounds like a good plan to me “  If he was sure about one thing in his life it was Em.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Chapter 25

Gia fought back the tears, how could she not know she was pregnant , now it was gone , no chance of getting used to the idea poof. gone natta , and her heart broke for her lost child . What could Jon think of her for not knowing . Her head was turned , as she gazed the wall , she didn’t hear him come in .

“Hey” he reached out and touched a lock of hair gently. She looked so sad. “Told ya I’d be right here.”

Gia turned on her side to face him , she reached his hand , grasping it close to her  “I’m sorry so sorry , I had no idea honestly “ she rambled quietly , tears welled in her eyes .

Sorry? she was sorry? Why was she sorry? He frowned, “Gia, it’s not your fault, it’s not any-ones fault these things just happen.”

“But I should have known, how could not know I was pregnant . A woman is supposed to know these things and I didn't “ Gia sobbed “I didn’t even get a chance to get used to the idea , not like it probably was the right time for you anyway but still “

“Gia, Gia...” He sighed and slipped onto the bed pulling her into his arms. “Maybe it wasn’t the right time, but that doesn’t mean tomorrow isn’t.” As soon as the words were out of his mouth he wondered. Did I just really say that? Could I be a father? He had no doubt that Gia would make a wonderful mother but him a father? He was a fuck-off most days and did nothing to change the fact even though he was well aware. What kind of father would he be traipsing around the globe, living the fast life. No, it definitely wasn’t the right time for that. Then why do I still find myself thinking about how nice it would be?

Gia stared at him for a few moments , Did he really mean that ? Did he want a baby with her ? She hadn’t even thought that far ahead but when they told her she lost his baby , it left a deep hole in her heart , she didn’t know was there.  The more she watched him , the sadness tucked deeply behind those blue eyes it tugged at her heart , What would they have done if this baby would have survived? She hadn’t a clue but seeing the sadness in his eyes there was no doubt he was grieving as much as she was considering they hadn’t had a chance to wrap their minds around that she had been pregnant  “I just can’t believe I didn’t know . “ her hand absentmindedly slid down to her stomach.  “A baby , I never even thought about it now it seems that's all I think about . “ It hit her what he had said tomorrow “Wait , did you just say what I think you just said , you wanna try again? “

Jon paused, did he? “Well uh, I don’t know Gia, I don’t know if I would say we should try but I,” He frowned as he tried to get his thoughts and feeling together in a way that would make sense to her. “I don’t think I really wanna worry about stopping it. “ That was the truth. Why should they take precautions? Why not just let nature take it’s course. In his mind it would be like a sign. If it happened again then it was meant to be. If not, well then they knew. The guy upstairs always knew what was best. He truly believed that.

Gia thought over what he said it made sense , if it did happen again , she would make sure she would do everything right this time.  She would take notice of all the signs , then a dreaded fear struck her , She gazed up “ What if I can’t carry a baby? “ She prayed she could.  It was just one of those things , the doctor said Yea maybe medically but to her emotionally it was more than one of those things . A woman was born to do this -- why did she feel like a failure.

“No, no baby, you’re fine really.” He rubbed her arms reassuringly and hugged her against him. “Believe it or not the Dr. said this is normal, nothing is wrong at all your perfectly fine and after some rest and healing, you’re good to go. Seriously Gia, that's what he told me and he’d know. It was just a fluke.”

She hugged him tightly with a slight smile spoke  “Yea he told me too , I’m Italian we’re built to have ton’s of babies “ she tried to joke  “You know we have to find other ways to pass the time for a few weeks ‘ her hands resting on his arms , that caressed her .

He chuckled a bit “Yeah I know but we’ll be ok. You and me, we seem to be pretty good at pulling fun out of our asses ya know.”

A burst of laughter escaped Gia, “ Yea we do , don’t we ? “ pausing for a moment , she glanced up at him “OH this should really give the asshole plenty of ammunition to fire at you , Are you ready for another lecture ? I honestly haven’t meant neither has Em meant to cause any trouble for you . “ her eyes searching his .

Jon shrugged “I don’t want you or Emmie worrying about Doc ok? and that’s an order.”  he dropped a kiss on her cheek.

“We just don’t want any trouble for you is all “ Gia answered her finger stroking his cheek

“You let me worry about me ok?” He kissed her tenderly “I got this...”

‘I love you , I can worry about you if I want “ Gia smirked then grew serious “Does anyone know I’m here ?  “

His face broke out in big grin at her confession. “I love you too and yes I made a few phone calls don’t worry, besides your outta here in the morning so I just told everyone to get some sleep. I took care of everything.”

“Thank you , you’re so good to me . If you’re fan’s knew just how sweet you are, I might have to fight them off “ She said trying to stifle a yawn .

He chuckled “You rest now baby ok?”

Her eyes drifted close “Ummhmm , you ain’t leavin’ are you ? “ snuggling down against his warm embrace , the steady beat of his heart lulling her to a peaceful sleep.

“No, I’m not going anywhere, I promise.”

“Good, “ Was the last words spoken , as Gia drifted off , the hole in her heart was still there but with Jon being there made things all right and that's all she needed .